I’m Alexandre Albuquerque Arnt, a brazilian from the southern state. Took my degree in computer science back in 1999. I’ve been using Linux since that same time. Began with Redhat and switched to Mandrake. Tired of breaking those distros down, have found peace in Slackware.

In 2006, I started QTGZManager (this project) in order to solve a simple problem: how could I manage my collection of Slackware packages in a visual and straightforward way? As I enjoyed programming very much and was also eager to get my hands dirty on Qt4 libs, this seemed the obvious direction.

Today, years after that decision, it still feels really good working on and using it. Hope you can find out for yourself  😉

By the way, if you are also using ArchLinux or other pacman’s based distro you may also get interested in Octopi, another project I’m working on.