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QTGZManager 1.0.2 is released!

After a long interval, we are proud to bring you the latest version of your beloved Qt based pkgtools frontend!

Highlights of 1.0.2 are:

  • Support for Slackware 14.1 release
  • Greek translation (thanks to Panagiotis Nikolaou)

Grab it HERE.

QTGZManager 1.0.1 now at!

Thanks to Robby Workman’s help, QTGZManager is now at


QTGZManager 1.0.1 (Miniluv) is out!


In George Orwell’s 1984 book, there is a building called Ministry of Love – “The place where there is no darkness,” for its interior lights are never turned off. Somewhere inside Miniluv is room 101. If you have never read the book (and you really should cos it’s a timeless masterpiece) you may wonder what is in that room… which, at a certain page, one of the characters called O’Brien answers:

… I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.

Thankfully, QTGZManager 101 is not that bad. It’s just a harmless bugfix release completely detached from that anguishing work of fiction😉


  • Changed default Slackware mirror to – in a patch submitted by Robby Workman. Thanks Robby!
  • Changed the close button of the firefox-like searchbar to the leftmost position.

Go grab it HERE!

QTGZManager 1.0 released!

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil: Today, with the SVN commit number 600, QTGZManager 1.0 was released. Get it here!


  • Fixed application exit while mainwindow was hidden and user was asked if he/she wanted to download new patches;
  • QTGZ can now open all files from installed packages, including those already removed;
  • Added txz2sb (Ctrl+L) support when using QTGZ under Slax;
  • Changed patch’s download directory to /tmp (press Ctrl+Shift+P to go to that path);

I’d like to thank everyone who helped this project so far: you know who you are! I’m in debt with all slackers from LinuxQuestions as well. Not to mention Patrick Volkerding, for being the man who started it all:-)

THANK YOU! I really hope you all enjoy this application.

Release Candidate 2 is here!

After three previews, good feedback from users, a business trip and some delay here it comes QTGZ’s new version: RC2!

Changelog includes:

  • Fixed crash when a malformed package was detected;
  • Added support for TDE – Trinity Desktop Environment;
  • Warns users if the program needs restart, based on changes in Options/Setup;
  • User defined mirrors can be added just editing ~/.config /QTGZManager/mirrors file;
  • ARM mirrors appear only when using Slackwarearm distro;
  • Checking Slackware patches now outputs status against number of patches available;
  • Window Close button now quits QTGZ by default. Previous hiding behavior can be configured using Options/Setup;

Hope you all like this one.

Release Candidate 2 postponed

Due to some changes I’ve recently introduced in the code and a business trip I have this week, QTGZManager RC2 will be postponed by a couple of days.

Just remember the project needs more translations: French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (from Portugal), Dutch, Farsi and/or whichever other one you could make!

Third preview of Release Candidate 2

This third and hopefully last preview of the upcoming RC2 version comes with a couple of bugfixes, including one that could segfault the application in some conditions. It even sports a slightly layout change in Setup Dialog. I’ll let you find out for yourselves😀

The preview can be accessed from this SourceForge link.

At this blog, the Screenshots section got updated, as it was showing outdated images from Beta6. We also added a THANKS section, so all people who worked to improve QTGZ can be given deserved recognition.

Wanna join them?

Just remember the project needs more translations: French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (from Portugal), Dutch, Farsi and/or whichever other one you could make!

If all goes right Release Candidate 2 will be released next week.

So… Go grab and test it!