Second preview of Release Candidate 2

A few days after our RC2 first preview came out, we have the second incarnation of upcoming RC2!

The preview can be accessed from this SourceForge link.

Thanks to the guys at Slackware LinuxQuestions, RC2 preview2 has important bug fixes and new features: it now supports TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment – the KDE3 fork), warns users if the program needs a restart for the changes to take effect, lets users decide which is the basic behavior for Close Window button, as well as implements “~/.config/QTGZManager/mirrors” file, so people can merge their own mirrors to Slackware mirror list option.

Also notice the Manual section in this blog. It’s a quick start guide for new QTGZManager users feel more comfortable.

Just remember the project needs more translations: French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (from Portugal), Dutch, Farsi and/or whichever other one you could make!

If all goes right Release Candidate 2 will be released next week.

So… Go grab and test it!


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