Beta6 Released!

TO THE INTERNET. After two and a half years since the last version, qtgzmanager reached Beta6 status today. In honor to this expressive delay, this release codename is Postmortem.

Beta6 contains MANY bug fixes, including one that addresses an important security issue. It is a MANDATORY update for those who follow the project.

Download it HERE. Untar the file and execute the accompanying SlackBuild in order to generate the package at “/tmp”. Works with 32 and 64bit Slackware 13.37.

QTGZManager now downloads official Slackware patches just pressing “Ctrl+P”. Supports LXDE Desktop Environment. Opens files of non-installed packages. Has a config dialog box to change some options. Sports some changes in the main interface: fonts, icons, style sheets and tooltips. Opens snapshot files, showing changes in installed packages since them. And last but not least, supports the unofficial SPKG tool for package management (it is a faster pkgtool alternative written in C).

Note that you must install Spkg in “/sbin” in order to be compatible with it. You can pick Salix (a Slackware 13.37 compatible distro) Spkg packages if you want to give it a try.

Spkg 32bit:

Spkg 64bit:



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